Saturday, April 29, 2006

Guild Finances

For those of you who haven't had this conversation with me, here is the way our guild finances work:

There is and never will be a guild bank. We will never have dues. I believe such a practice can breed discontent and mistrust. My goal to have all professions cooperate in order to corner the markets in the AH is certainly for our benefit, but those who participate should be able to keep all their profits. If a leatherworker does well, he is absolutely free to help lower level guildies who have a harder time raising gold. He's free, but not obligated. I will always encourage cooperation but never require or enforce it.

On a side note, there are quite a few members I'm not familiar with. I have temporarily closed all recruiting except in special circumstances in order to have time to get to know each new member. Other guilds may be different, but I personally feel I cannot lead very effectively if I don't know each of you. As always, this is open for discussion. Talk to me any time if you have questions, concerns, or think something would work better if done differently.

I was going to wait to post the officer pics until Josh had the official site up and I received all pics to post on the profiles page, but Lusty has been whining about the delay. I might post a few here to keep him quiet... I'm not sure.


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Damn you Lusty!! Damn you to hell!!

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